Is your organization prepared for

the next big thing

Are you


Do you efficiently traverse mapped landscapes in today’s core business, while learning and exploring new terrain in tomorrow’s transformative growth markets?

Are you effectively leveraging

open innovation

by harnessing emerging technologies, trends, and business models to drive growth? Is finding an access point to this complex ecosystem (accelerators, incubators, university tech transfer offices, startups, venture capital firms, government research labs, startup studios, etc.) an incredibly daunting task?


We're an open innovation advisory firm that works alongside your leadership team as an entrepreneur-in-residence. We curate a global open innovation ecosystem and apply entrepreneurial venture development tools to explore adjacent and transformative markets and catalyze new pathways for growth outside your core.

| 01 |

Understand the terrain

  • Market, technology, and startup scans

  • Opportunity narratives

  • Alignment of unique resources, strategy, customer insights, and priorities

| 03 |

Build new markets

  • Build/buy/partner assessment

  • New venture business case development

  • Third party service provider search and vetting (studios, venture fund managers, etc.)

| 02 |

Explore new pathways

  • Ecosystem engagement strategy

  • Partnership development

  • Open innovation program creation and execution

Let's discuss our entrepreneur-in-residence approach

and prepare for the next big thing together!

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